Times Gone By is perfect for how long this took me to finish.

Times Gone By

Some people paint like the wind and some take their time. However you do it, it really doesn't matter as long as you do what you love. This painting not only holds a lot of memories but lots of layers of oil paint. 

20" x 16" x 1" Duck Canvas

When it comes to a passion or a talent just do it. I have been a fine artist since 1988 and although you don't see alot on the web site this year - I have been busy with private orders for gifts for others and items that are purchased as fast as they are done. 

My hopes and prayers are to paint more for the web site as of now. I make my living painting, quilting and sewing. Painting is the on the top. I hope you will stay tuned and also if you are putting something off that you love to do and are scared or whatever..... Just do it... you will be so happy you did. Heres to me painting again full time. I am in love with life. Pick up your brushes and get some paints and join me....