Painting update for April 2017

Painting updates for April 2017

April has been a busy month with painting on canvas and wood 

Painting on canvas with an old classic car and cottage of days gone by, has taken a while to complete. I am almost there. This month has been a trying one to say the least. 

Painting full time, also a doll creator and designer. Grandmother of 6 beautiful grand kids, this month had its trials. One of my youngest grand girls was in hospital for infection in her leg. She suffers from lymphadema at a very young age of 4 and she is a twin. Being away from a sibling is hard but to be a twin is another story of trials. My lil grand daughter Alyssa is finally home and now on oral antibiotics to heal and work on getting the swelling down. 


I have been out of touch the last couple of weeks. Now with all this behind us, we paint and design again. Commission work on the Santa for Scott in Atlanta will be done before summer. And will be delivered. As for the old car painting, well its still needing several more layers in places. Photos will be posted and announced once completed. 

I have several santa wood pieces in the works in acylics, photos soon. These have not been spoken for as of yet, so they will be available. Will keep in touch as we get new items out. 

Until next week - Have a great day, Frances